H Drop story dates back to the end of 19th century, when our ancestor Rochus Sliupas started his medical practice fighting cholera and tuberculosis outbreaks.

He later served as a medic in World Wars I-II, during interwar establishing one of the first Red Cross units in Northern Europe. 

His great-grandson, also Rochus Sliupas, continues family’s mission by helping those, who need special care of their healthbeing.

Our medical hemp is harvested in organic European fields and extracted in German/UK pharma-level facilities.

The obtained CBD oil is lab tested and distributed worldwide from the Netherlands and Baltics.

Joys of Spring

Spring is the time of rebirth and rejuvenation, but what if March is just yet to come?

Whether it’s winter or summer outside the window, fill yourself up with the joy of spring. Drop by drop.

Joys of Spring (5% strength 10ml oil) are just enough for the mild, yet vital stimulation of our endocannabinoid system.

Calm after Storm – 15% CBD oil (1500mg)

Every one of us has the right to a vivid and colourful life. And the sky is the most vivid during a sunny day.

So perhaps it’s just about time to spread the storm out?

Calm after Storm contains 10ml oil of high 15% concentration CBD, guaranteeing the maximum positive effect of hemp flower.


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