CBDfx Hemp and MCT Oil Tincture 30ml (500mg)


and is intended for sublingual use only

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CBDfx Hemp and MCT Oil Tincture 30ml (500mg)

Just two ingredients: hemp oil and MCT oil. That’s all that’s in this incredibly pure CBD tincture, an all-natural product for people who prefer to take CBD in oral drops. This hemp oil tincture also includes MCT oil, providing the perfect complement of both taste and nutrition to your daily CBD. Best of all, each 30ml bottle contains a whopping 500mg of full-spectrum CBD.

When it comes to your daily CBD intake, it doesn’t get much easier than a few drops of true hemp CBD tincture under the tongue. It’s an ideal way to administer a potent, extra-absorbent dose of full spectrum CBD oil that’s full of amino acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

These CBDfx hemp oil drops are blended with MCT oil to help with absorbing all the compounds from the CBD oil. Derived from coconuts, MCT oil essentially helps you absorb and retain the nutrients from everything you eat and drink. By ingesting MCT oil along with your CBD tincture, you’re improving your body’s chances of using every bit of the CBD itself.


Can CBD oil drops be vaped?
This particular bottle of CBD drops is best taken as a true tincture: just a few drops sublingually (under the tongue). If you prefer to vape your CBD, you’ll probably enjoy our CBD vape additives more. On the other hand, CBD tincture is perfect if you’re looking to orally ingest CBD with the added MCT oils as part of a daily nutritional regimen.

What is MCT oil?
MCTs (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) are fatty acids that your body can quickly and easily break down and convert to usable energy. CBDfx have added MCT oil to their CBD tincture primarily to ensure you get the most from the CBD you’re using.

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