Everyone Is Different

To say that CBD will effect everyone the same would be wrong, there are so many factors to consider and I hope to try and explain the best I can, based on the product you have and a calculator to work out the right dosage for you.

Start low, go slow

Its down to the individual to understand what amount of CBD works for them… everyone is different.

With this in mind, most people who are new to CBD begin their journey by starting with the minimal suggested CBD dosage on any product, then gradually increasing the dose until you achieve the desired results.

Here is a list of the serving suggestions from the brands we stock.

I have converted their serving suggestions into 1 common method, which is drops. 1 drop = approx. 0.05ml. Each bottle size is different across the brands, so is the pipette size. In an attempt to make it easy we’re using drops.

Products that have a spray: 1 spray is the equivalent to 2 drops

  • Four Five CBD: 4 drops or 2 sprays 3 x a day
  • Feel Supreme: 3-4 drops per day
  • CBD Brothers: 2-3 drops per day
  • CBD Life UK: 4 drops or 2 sprays 2 x a day
  • Canabidol: 10 drops per day
  • Love Hemp: 6-12 drops 2-3 x a day
  • Hemp Heros: 10-15 drops 1-2 x a day
  • Love CBD: 2-4 drops or 1-2 sprays per day

Based on the product you’ve bought or thinking about purchasing and the suggested drops / sprays each brand provide, use the calculator below to calculate how many mg of CBD you’ll be taking per day.

An example:

Four Five CBD 1000mg product:

  • 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • 4 drops per serving
  • 3 servings per day
  • 30ml bottle

RESULT = 10mg per day

How much CBD should you take?

As you may have guessed it, it’s difficult to suggest a specific amount. There are many articles on the web that go into specific details depending on your reasons for taking CBD, and we encourage you to do your own research and consult your GP if you’ve any concerns regarding CBD alongside any prescribed medication. Due to MHRA regulation no CBD brand or distributor can give any advise on the medicinal benefits of CBD as it is classified as a food supplement.

We recommend that you start with between 10-25mg per day and increase gradually until you feel the benefits you’re looking for.

The difference between say a 500mg and 2000mg is all about the dosage, if you were take 25mg per day the 500mg will last 20 days and the 2000mg would last 80 days. If you use our CBD calculator you can work out based on the mg of CBD per day how many days the bottle will last and its average cost over a month.

How long before you start to feel the benefits?

It’s important to reiterate once again everyone is different, however, depending on the type of product you’re taking can dictate how quickly the CBD gets in to your system and return the benefits you’re looking for.

Here is a good guide and something we discuss in the Buyer Guide

ProsConsTime to take effect
OilsConvenient, most popular way to consume CBDsometime difficult to control dosageVaries depending on weight, genetics, age etc
Capsules / ediblesConvenient, Discreet, controlled dosageSlower to take effect30-60mins
VapesFast-acting, great for topping up, convenient in daily lifeNon-discreet, vaping is isolated to designed public spacesInstant
TopicalsCan be applied locally to affected areas. Can be a part of daily hygiene routine – Bypass liver metabolismInconvenient and Slow to take effectVaries widely due to factors such as hair growth, fatty tissue, skin temperature, etc.

Can you take too much CBD?

There is no established lethal dose of CBD, and chronic use/high doses of up to 1500 mg per day have been repeatedly shown to be well tolerated by humans. 

However take a read of our article Has CBD got you feeling tired?

As with any natural substance, consult with your GP with any questions and/or concerns you may have regarding CBD and how to use CBD oil.

I’d love to hear about how much CBD you take in the comments below. Also the product you take and the reason why you take CBD. This would be great to hopefully give others a guidance on the amount of CBD to take.


  • Dan Richards
    January 10, 2019Reply

    Ive been taking CBD for approx. 3 months. I’m 97kgs, male and suffered a knee injury which resulted in ACL surgery in December 2018. I started take just 3 drops twice a day (10mg) of Feel Supreme 500mg and felt the benefits consistently after about 4-5 days.

    Since the surgery due to the inflammation and pain, I now taking approx 50mg per day, which 16 drops 3 x a day of the 500mg Feel Supreme Full Spectrum MCT Oil.

  • Sarah
    January 10, 2019Reply

    Hi, Ive been taking CBD to help with my sleep and to improve the quality of sleep. Currently taking 4-6 drops (7-10mg) just before I go to bed.

    I’ve also found that I’m waking up more alert too!

  • Rosanne
    February 27, 2019Reply

    I have taken CBD before and after a hip replacement and have felt the benefits within 4 – 5 days would recommend. I have 2 x 14 year old terriers and they can’t lie – old age stiffness gone would highly recommend.

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