So… you’ve been taking your CBD but you’ve noticed is that you’ve starting feeling a little drowsy or lethargic.

Sometimes this is simply an indication that you took too much CBD. So, if CBD is making you tired or lethargic, the first thing to do is to lower the dose you are taking.

For example, if you’ve been taking a 25 mg dropper dose of CBD oil,  you may want to lower your dose to 10 – 20 mgs.

Lowering your dose is the first thing you can do to stop any negative effects you may be experiencing with CBD products.

CBD is a compound that has biphasic properties. This simply means that CBD can have more positive effects at lower doses and more negative effects at higher doses.

Again, most people don’t experience negative side effects with CBD hemp oil. This information is only for people who seem to get that uncomfortable tired feeling from taking their regular dose of CBD oil.


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