Over the next few months I’ll be sharing my experience with CBD and my, some might say rather significant ACL reconstruction injury.

Back in July during MMA training I twisted my knee, it popped, clicked, crunched and swelled up pretty badly!!

After seeing my usual physio, Jen there was concern for my LCL and PCL, so we rested and did exercises to help the recovery however progress was slow, so an MRI & X-ray was booked.

In September I started taking CBD oil to help with the inflammation and pain. I started slow with just 20mg of full spectrum CBD Oil.

Thank god I did. I was beginning to rattle with all the paracetamol and ibuprofen I was taking. I found it took the edge off the pain I was experiencing and the swelling all but went away!!

The X-ray and MRI confirmed that I have a full tear of my ACL, and also torn my meniscus, and the X-ray showed that my knee is misaligned. Yep… proper f**ked it.

A meeting was scheduled with a bunch of knee specialist to discuss the best way forward, as there was lots of discussion to see if a High Tibial Oesteopathy was needed for the knee alignment issue or if just doing the ACL reconstruction would be enough. They decided that ACL reconstruction surgery would be the best way forward, along with a meniscus trim.

On the 14th December I had the surgery!

It’s fair to say I was really struggling with the pain immediately after surgery and end several dosages of liquid morphine to get this under control, then was given tramadol.

Although the pain was under control the side effects of Tramadol were awful; almost the sense of falling unconscious, constipation, loss of awareness – its was awful!

I was discharged from hospital on the Saturday afternoon and by Monday I’d decided that I was no longer going to take the Tramadol and opt for taking more CBD and take paracetamol and ibuprofen if needed.


Currently I’m taking 3-4 drops 3 x daily and using the Feel Supreme 500mg product

Dan Richards

With the pain and swelling under control the focus was now on the rehab and the exercise given for the first 2 weeks; this consisted of:

Rehab schedule

  • Full leg extension, straighten my leg as much as possible contracting my quads holding for 5 seconds x 10
  • Leg flexible, with the assistance of my hands bend my knee up as far as possible x 10
  • Whilst standing raise up onto my toes holding for 5 seconds x 10
  • Mini squats – just bending my knees approx 30° angle x 10
  • Hamstring curls – whilst lying on end of the bed curl my leg as far as I could x 10

I was to do this 3 x per day and ice my knee as often as possible 20-30mins at a time.

Now 2 weeks in I need to remove the staples of which I have 15 of them and begin to use CBD balm over the scar to help with recovery and the next physio appointment is on the 2nd January.


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